Air-Sea lab history

 Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory was created in its present form as a unit of Institute of Oceanology PAN in January 2002 by fusion of the original Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory and Lidar Laboratory with Dr. Jacek Piskozub as the leader of the lab. The new labo­ratory is part of the Physical Oce­ano­graphy Department.
The original Air-Sea Interaction was set up by Prof. Czesław Garbalewski to study the effect of aerosol in the mass transfer between the sea and atmosphere. In 1991 Dr. Tomasz Petelski took over the responsibility for the lab after Prof. Garbalewski had retired. The main research topic at the time was measuring concentration and the characteristic of sea-salt in the air using six-stage impactors as well as a particle laser counter PMS as well as to study the aerosol source function and fluxes in the wave breaking zone. In 2001, Prof. Stanisław Massel become the lab leader, adding the dynamics of wave breaking as a new research topic.
Lidar Laboratory existed since 1993 but the history of the lidar group in IO PAS is longer. It was created in the early 1980s by Prof. Andrzej Zieliński. In years 1993-2000 Dr. Jacek Piskozub was the leader of the laboratory, followed briefly in 2001 by Assoc. Prof. Tadeusz Król. The lab studied marine aerosol as well as sea water components with remote methods using two lidar systems, both build in Estonia.
Our lab has created in January 2002 from the fusion of the two laboratories with Jacek Piskozub as its head. In September 2003, M. Sc. Violetta Drozdowska - a member of the former Lidar Lab - rejoined our team. In 2005 she made her Ph.D. degree. Also in 2005, Jacek Piskozub, made his habilitation degree. In 2008, Tomasz Petelski and Tymon Zieliński succeeded as well. In January 2010, Tomek Petelski succeeded Jacek as the laboratory head.