Małgorzata Krzemińska
Department of Marine Ecology, Institute of Oceanology PAN
Powstańców Warszawy 55, 81-712 Sopot, POLAND
tel: (+ 48 58) 73 11 780
e-mail: mkrzeminska [at]
ORCID: 0000-0001-7823-1253

  • 12.06.2018 - PhD at Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland Thesis: „Ecology of the Bryozoa from the Admiralty Bay”
  • 2009-2011  - MSc in Oceanography majoring in Marine Biology, University of Gdańsk.
  • 2006-2009  - Bachelor degree in Oceanography majoring in Marine Biology, at the University of Gdańsk.
  • Bryozoa: taxonomy, ecology, biogeography
  • Benthic rocky communities in coastal waters – community structure (species composition, diversity, interactions)
  • Mineralogy of carbonate skeletons of marine invertebrates
  • Iglikowska A., Krzemińska M., Renaud P. E., Berge J., Hop H., Kukliński P. 2020. Sum-mer and winter MgCO3 levels in the skeletons of Arctic bryozoans. Marine Environmental Research. 162. 105166.
  • Piwoni-Piórewicz A., Krzemińska M., Kukliński P. 2020. Skeletal mineralogy patterns of Bryozoa from the Aleutian Islands in the context of revealing a global pattern in bryozoan skeletal mineralogy. Proceedings of the eighteenth International Bryozoology Association Conference Liberec – Czech Republic, 16th to 21st June 2019. Bryozoan Studies 2019. 111-124.
  • Krzemińska M., Siciński J., Kukliński P. 2018. Biodiversity and biogeographic affiliation of Bryozoa from King George Island (Antarctica). Systematics and Biodiversity 16(6): 576-586
  • Krzemińska M, Kukliński P. 2018. Biodiversity patterns of rock encrusting fauna from the shallow sublittoral of the Admiralty Bay. Marine Environmental Research 139:169-181.
  • Iglikowska A., Borszcz T., Drewnik A., Grabowska M., Humphreys-Williams E., Kędra M., Krzemińska M., Piwoni-Piórewicz A., Kukliński P. 2018. Mg and Sr in Arctic echinoderm calcite: Nature or nurture? Journal of Marine System 180:279-288
  • Liow L. H., Di Martino E., Krzemińska M., Ramsfjell M., Rust S., Taylor P. D., Voje, K. L. 2017. Relative size predicts competitive outcome through 2 million years. Ecology Letters 20:981-988
  • Stępień A., Kukliński P., Włodarska-Kowalczuk M., Krzemińska M., Gudmundsson G. 2017. Bryozoan zooid size variation across a bathymetric gradient, a case study from the Icelandic shelf and continental slope. Marine Biology 164:197
  • Kukliński P., Bałazy P., Krzemińska M., Bielecka L. 2017. Species pool structure explains pattern of Antarctic rock encrusting organism recruitment. Polar Biology 40:2475-2487
  • Krzemińska M., Kukliński P., Najorka J., Iglikowska A. 2016. Skeletal mineralogy patterns of Antarctic Bryozoa. Journal of Geology 3:411-422
  • Nowak M., Kukliński P., Siciński J. 2014. Small scale biomass variability of Antarctic Bryozoa. Studi Trentini di Scienze Naturali 94:181-188
  • Kukliński P., Bałazy P., Nowak M., Bielecka L. 2014. Factors controlling initial settlement in Antarctic benthic invertebrates. Studi Trentini di Scienze Naturali 94:145-151
  • 2018 - present, adjunct in the project: ”Revealing global pattern in bryozoan skeletal mineralogy and its implication for understanding impact of climate changes on marine invertebrates (PANIC)”
  • 2016-2017 - research assistant within project ooperation within the project investigating the influence of the size of zooids on the result of competitive behavior of bryozoans over a period of 2 million years - University of Oslo
  • 2016 - MARE INCOGNITUM participant, major duties: taxonomical identification of Arctic Bryozoa
  • 2016 - taxonomic analysis and morphometric measurements of Bryozoa from the BIOICE collection, Icelandic Institute of Natural History
  • 2015 - taxonomic analysis of Bryozoa historical collections from Antarctica at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington
  • 2013-2016 principal investigator of the project "Species diversity and mineralogy of Bryozoa skeletons as an indicator of changes in the Antarctic ecosystem” (NCN PRELUDIUM)
  • 2013, 2014 - Taxonomic analysis of Bryozoa historical collections at the Natural History Museums in London and Paris (scholar of Synthesys of systematic resources - SYNTHESYS)
  • 2010-2012 - laboratory assistant in the project „Geochemistry and mineralogy of Arctic and Antarctic echinoderms"

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