Our works

The Remote Sensing Laboratory is conducting research in following subjects:
  1. A theoretical and empirical research on influence of optically active components of marine waters on a spectral characteristic of a water leaving radiance. Field experiments are proceeded during series of research cruises on the Baltic Sea with use of the various marine spectrophotometer.


    Measured spectra of the water leaving radiance are then analysed in terms of their sensitivity to the influence of concentrations of optically active components of marine waters: chlorophyll concentration, total suspended matter concentration, and yellow substance absorption. Data collected during field experiments are analysed in term of spatial and temporal variability.
  2. Construction and verification of algorithms for retrieving concentration of optically active components of the marine water from remote sensing data.
  3. Developing of processing methodology of remote sensing data with use of constructed algorithms, with a special attention being given to a possibility of systematic monitoring of specific marine basins.
  4. A use of remote sensing data in observation of temporal and spatial variability of distribution of near-surface concentrations of selected optically active components in marine waters in different scales.

The Remote Sensing Laboratory is equipped with instruments for field experiments as well as with the hardware and software for processing and analysis of satellite data.

The particular aims of our ongoing research are:
The result of our work are published in scientific journals.