The work is organized in five thematic workpackages (WP2-WP6). The results of these thematic tasks will be combined using Multivariate Data Analysis and concluded in the WP 7, and disseminated in WP8.

Workpackage 2: Deep Sea Circulation
Task 2.1. Collection of new oceanographic data
Task 2.2. Long-term historical hydrography data compilation and analyses

Workpackage 3: Climate Change in the Atlantic Arctic During the last 200 Years and its Causes
Task 3.1. Early instrumental period
Task 3.2. Contemporary period
Task 3.2.1. Campaign meteorological measurements at old observational sites
Task 3.2.2. Campaign meteorological measurements
Task 3.3. Century analysis of air temperature

Workpackage 4: Shelves and Fjords Exchanges and Freshwater Balance
Task 4.1. Exchange processes in the Svalbard fjords
Task 4.2. Freshwater on the Greenland shelf

Workpackage 5: Sea-ice Processes
Task 5.1. Sea-ice fluxes in Fram Strait
Task 5.2. Sea-ice in the fjords

Workpackage 6: Ice Sheet and Glaciers
Task 6.1. Changes in the Greenland ice cover
Task 6.2. Changes in Svalbard glaciers