Project overview

The aim of AWAKE project is to study changes in atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and glaciers in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic in order to improve our understanding of the dramatic climate change in this region. Experienced scientists from Poland and Norway will join theirs resources, skills and knowledge to investigate key processes, links and interactions between atmosphere, ocean and glaciers. Climate change in the Arctic has large impact on environment, socio-economic conditions in Europe and world-wide. AWAKE will contribute to improved knowledge of Arctic climate processes, which is essential for climate change impact assessment and policies.
The main climate processes in the Arctic includes meridional overturning circulation, ocean-atmosphere heat exchanges including sea ice, and mass balance of glaciers. Northward transport of warm, salty Atlantic Water and export of the fresh water from the Arctic Ocean have impact on regional and global climate. The focus of AWAKE is to improve the observations of air-ice-ocean variables needed for understanding the present climate change.
The work tasks of AWAKE include studies of deep ocean circulation, exchanges of water masses between shelves, fjords and the deep ocean, long-term air temperature changes, sea ice processes, and changes of glaciers and ice sheets. Data from previous field experiments, historical records and new field observations will be compiled and analyzed. Special attention will be paid to the longest time series of air temperature records from Svalbard. Historical data sets will be validated and prolonged back to the XIX century. Also the oceanographic database for the Nordic Seas and the Arctic will be extended with new data.
AWAKE has a multidisciplinary approach where data from atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and glaciers are analyzed and compared with model results. Collection and analysis of more observational data from field observations will allow better processes parameterization and models validation. The work tasks of AWAKE will be carried out in close cooperation with other ongoing projects funded by EU and nationally. Existing research infrastructure and resources such as ships, field equipment and scientific personnel provided by the Polish and Norwegian partners will be basis for new field observations to be conducted in AWAKE.