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Expedition's logistics

Food was thing we were interested in mostly, as we like eating very much. Below, please find list of food supplies, which let us survive in harsh conditions of small turist-oriented city of Longyearbyen. This list doesn't include small purshases in Svalbard Butikken (butter, fries, drinks etc.).

List of food supplies.

Musli 14 bags / 6 portions per bag
Pea 12 cans
Sprats 16 cans ( oil )
Tuna 14 cans ( water )
Tomato conc. 5 cans
luncheon meat 6 cans
Chocolade drink 30 portions
Tea 100 bags
Milk powder 1 bag
Corn 15 cans
Milk condensated 9 cans
Coffee 2 jars
Sugar 3 bags (1kg)
Puree (potatos) 2 packs
Salt 1 bag (1kg)
Spices: pepper, chilli, gaerlic 1
Peanuts (salt) 500g 2 bags
Banana (dried) 1Kg 1 bag
Cashew 1kg 1 bag
Dates (dried) 1kg 1 bag
Risotto 8 packs (portion for 2 per pack)
Rise 30 1 portion bags
Pasta 5 bags (1kg)
Cookies 12 various packs
Raisings 2 bags
Apricots (dried) 2 bags
Soup instant 50 1 portion bags
Ham 11 can
Olive 2 bottles
Oil 1 bottle
Ketchup 2 bottles
Chocolade 45 bars
Peanut butter 6 jars
Beaf 3 cans
Vegetables mix 4 cans

Once feeded we were ready for action. Here are the things which made our work possible or helped or just made us feel better. This list doesn't include safety equipment such as Survival suits, GPS, Radio and our private properties.

List of tools, hardware and other stuff.

Tools Duck Tape 1

Grease 1

Monkey wrench 1

Pilers 1

Camping Ajungilac plates 3


Black bags

Bottle for a fuel

Cups 3

Cutting board 1

Detergent 1

First aid kit

Fuel for stove


Moistened tissue 2

Plastic containers


Primus stove

Solar battery

Sponges 1


Thermos cups 3

Thermos flask 3

Toilet paper 8

Boat Bombard repair kit 1

Fuel hose 1

Inflatable roll for Bombard 1

Pump for boar 1

Rubberboat (Bombard C5)

Samples 25x25 Frame 2





Zip bags