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  • 17-18 October 2016 AWAKE-2 FINAL MEETING, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot

  • 29 August 2016 Arctic cruise of the r/v Oceania to the Nordic Seas region (AREX2016) just ended. During the more than two-month cruise, the last field campaign within the AWAKE-2 project took place. 270 standard CTD stations were made in the area of the open ocean and also several measurements were made using the towed CTD probe in the West Spitsbergen fjords.

    This year, a new measuring equipment - VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler was used for the first time. The VMP-250 is a profiler for the measurement of micro-scale turbulence. The profiler is designed for operation in coastal-zone region, from small vessels, or where electrical power facilities are limited or missing (e.g. ice camps). The VMP-250 records data internally on a memory card. The battery and memory allow for up to 36 hours of continuous autonomous operation.

  • arex15

    The location of the turbulence measurements in fjord Hornsund by using VMP-250 profiler.

    arex16 arex16 arex16 arex16

     Photos: Wojciech Głodek

  • 4 June 2016 the Sopot Science Day organized by the Institute of Oceanology PAS took place at Plac Przyjaciół in Sopot. Once again we had the pleasure to present the AWAKE-2 project to the visitors.
  • picnic picnic picnic picnic

     Photos: S. Węsławski, B. Bolejko

  • 03-04 December 2015 AWAKE-2 MEETING, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot
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  • 19-20 November 2015 Conference for the projects which received funding from the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme took place in Sheraton Sopot Hotel. The AWAKE-2 project was presented in polar research session by Waldemar Walczowski.
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  • June-August 2015 R/VOceania has been on another arctic cruise in the region of the Nordic Seas – AREX 2015. The second season of field measurement in the open ocean and on the shelf is completed. During the cruise the new measurements of the key oceanographic properties and dynamical processes were performed with success.
  • arex15 arex15 arex15 arex15

     Photos: Małgorzata Merchel

  • 23 May 2015 took place Scientific Picnic in Sopot organized by IOPAS, where the AWAKE-2 project was presented to thousand of visitors, mostly school children.
  • picnic picnic picnic picnic

     Photos: Grzegorz Borkowski

  • 9 May 2015 the Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre took place in Warsaw. This is Europe’s largest outdoor event aimed to promote science where we had pleasure to present our Project to more than 100 000 people – adults, young people and children who were participated in this event.

  • Geoplanet Geoplanet Geoplanet Geoplanet Geoplanet

     Photos: Agnieszka Promińska, Małgorzata Merchel

  • 27-30 September 2014 MID-TERM MEETING, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot
  • Here you can find more photos from the meeting.

    midterm midterm midterm midterm

     Photos: Tomasz Jankowski

  • July 2014 R/V Oceania is just taking another summer Arctic cruise within the experiment AREX 2014. A few days ago the ocean part of the cruise in the region of the Nordic Seas ended. During the ocean cruise we carried out, among others, hydrographic and ocean current measurements.

  • Arctic Arctic Arctic Arctic Arctic

     Photos: Małgorzata Merchel

  • June 2014 This summer, within our Project, the main measurement campaign in fjords and in the open ocean takes place. The main goal is to achieve a complete picture of all climatic components in Hornsund and in the region potentially influencing the Hornsund conditions, i.e. the West Spitsbergen Current, slope and shelf, the Spitsbergen Coastal Current.

  •     The main observed processes include:
    • exchange of water masses between open ocean, shelf area and fjords;
    • ocean-atmosphere heat fluxes in the open ocean, shelf and in fjords;
    • melting and calving of glaciers, river discharge and precipitation/evaporation;
    • variability of sea-ice concentration on the shelf and in fjords.

  • 23 April 2014 Kick-off Conference for the projects which received funding from the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme took place in Warsow Marriott Hotel.
        The conference was held in two parts; a plenary session during which representatives of key institutions involved in the implementation of the Programme shared with the audience their views and observations, and parallel thematic sessions devoted to the presentation of the projects by researchers from Poland and Norway.
          Our project was presented in climate change session by Małgorzata Merchel.
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  • 06 April 2014 – The Project’s spring measurement campaign has just started !!!

          03.04 The team of researchers from Institute of Oceanology PAN, Institute of Geophysics PAN and Nicolaus Copernicus University flew from Poland to Longyearbyen. The following day the research equipment was loaded onto the Norwegian research vessel Lance and the research team boarded the ship. The journey to the Base of the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund lasted 10 hours and then the team had to deal again with the equipment. Fortunately, a ship’s boat, a pontoon and a couple of helping hands from the Base were available to help with the unloading.


    Peter on his way to our automatic weather station ...


    ... and already on-site repairing AWS cables which were broken by a polar bear.


    And here is the track of the culprit.

          Tomasz Ulanowski, Gazeta Wyborcza journalist joined the Arctic expedition of the scientists from IO PAN, IGF PAN, University of Silesia, and UMK. He will be observing life and work at the Polish Polar Station.
        His press coverage from the Arctic can be found in the paper version of Gazeta Wyborcza on, on facebook Nauka Ekstra and on the blog "Tomek w krainie lodu"

  • 07 February 2014 – “Theoretical and practical aspects of the study of the marine environment” was this year’s subject of 11th Annual Scientific Conference of the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences which was held in Sopot.
        The first session of the conference was devoted to the Arctic research and the related Polish-Norwegian projects which are carried out by our Institute. One of the projects which were discussed was, naturally, AWAKE-2 which was presented by Waldemar Walczowski.

  • 07 January 2013 - within the seminar of Physical Oceanography Department (IO PAN) Waldemar Walczowski gave the presentation about the AWAKE-2 project.

  • 13 December 2013 at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, a meeting within the AWAKE-2 project was held. It was attended by the following partners involved in the project:

    • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun: Rajmund Przybylak, Andrzej Araźny, Przemysław Wyszyński;
    • Institute of Geophysics PAN in Warsaw: Adam Nawrot, Tomasz Wawrzyniak;
    • Institute of Oceanology PAN in Sopot: Waldemar Walczowski, Jaromir Jakacki, Tomasz Petelski, Przemysław Makuch, Agnieszka Promińska, Małgorzata Merchel.

        During the meeting, participants discussed preparations for the spring expedition to Spitsbergen. They discussed problems associated with meteorological and oceanographic measurements during the spring - autumn 2014 expedition to Hornsund.
        They also discussed issues concerning coordination of transport of people and equipment to Hornsund.

    Torun Torun Torun Torun

     Photos: Patrycja Ulandowska-Monarcha

  • 31 May 2013 KICK-OFF MEETING, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot
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